Gliding smoothly. effortless acceleration. an explosive attack. The end of food chain. The great white shark is the ultimate predator. A brainiac. An allegory of our archaic fears. Pursued relentlessly and driven to extinction. He is everything but a blood-thirsty monster. He is a cautious and selective hunter. His strategy is to avoid risks. Swimming parallel determines the hierarchy. Analyzing instead of engaging. The biggest one wins. Even in the hunt he plays it safe. An invisible attack from the depths. Brute first strike. Withdrawal. He lets his victims bleed out and accepts the risk of loosing his meal. Better hungry than hurt.
This shark is a legend. He is the perfect incarnation of unbridled power, strength and ferocity. The last untamable predator. Freedom above everything. No boundaries. The quintessence of being. To be free or die.

Great White Shark, Australia 1995
© Dr. Jochen Bayer



Number. 2000-5000
Distribution. Temperate oceans worldwide. Bigger populations in South Africa, South Australia, Western USA and Mexico. Can’t be kept in captivity
Size. 6m / ♂ 5m
Reproduction. Sexual maturity after 10 years. Viviparous. 5-10 juveniles fully developed
Nutrition. Fish. rays. squids. other sharks. Marine mammals, in particular seals, sea elephants, sometimes dead or smaller whales
Threats. Long-line fishing, gill net fishing. Consumers of shark fin soup. Sport fishing. Trophy hunters. Overfishing. Poisoning of the oceans and prey animals. Orcas

ACT .now

No shark fin soup

No shark meat
(dogfish, catfish, flake (in fish & chips), surimi, lemon fish, sea ham, rock salmon, cape steak)

Avoid merchants and restaurants with shark products

ACT .firm

No sea fish

No products from shark catching and shark consuming nations


ACT .local

Establishment of regional marine protected zones

Avoidance of shark accidents

Responsible shark tourism


ACT .national

Establishment of coastal and high seas marine protection zones

Ban of long lines, drift nets and bottom-set gill nets

Protection of endangered shark species

Protection of prey animals



Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla

White Shark
White Shark


Blue Whale
Blue Whale


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