RHINO .powder

Vultures in the sky. Acrid smell. Flies carpeted over an open wound. Clear signals and easy prey for the leopard. Nature finishes the rest in a few days. The once proud body is a thing of the past. The mighty horn. Ground and sold. Its magic. Lost forever. A life pulverized for nothing.

Rhino, Africa 2010
© Dr. Jochen Bayer


RHINO .info

Species (Distribution.Number). Black rhino (Africa.3000). Northern white rhino (Africa.2). Southern white rhino (Africa. 20.000). Java rhino (Asia.50). Sumatra rhino (Asia.300). Indian rhino (Asia.3000)
Size. 2.5m - 4m / 600-3500kg
Reproduction. Sexual maturity after 7 years. Gestation time approx 1.5 years. 1 calf, which stays with the mother 2-3 years. Life span 30-50 years
Diet. Herbivore
Behaviour. Usually maverick or small martriachal herds, sometimes meetings of bigger groups at night. Shy, seldom aggressiv. Can reach 45km/h
Threats. Remedy in TCM (traditional chinese medicine). Loss of habitats. No natural enemies
Therapeutic use. Powdered horn (Xi Jiao)
Therapeutic effect (TCM) . Cooling. Fever reducing. Stopps bleeding. Contrary to popular scientific opinion rhino horn powder is not used as a potency agent in TCM

ACT .now

No rhino powder

Use TCM alternatives
Horn of the water buffalo, "Bubali Cornu"
(Chen J. , Chen T. 2012)
Rehmannia Root Tuber, "Sheng Di Huang "
(Bensky, D., Barolet R. 1996)

Pharmacological alternatives

ACT .firm

No products from demand countries


ACT .local

Creation of protection zones

Identification of the population with their animals

Responsible safari tourism

ACT .national

Information campaigns in the demand countries for rhinocerous powder

Improvement of the financial situation of the local population

Enforcement of trade bans

Legalization of rhino powder from breeding programs?




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Humpback Whale


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