Endangered is a project for the protection of our earth and its inhabitants. it is a journey of the last of its kind. the iconic species on the threat of extinction. but it is also the search for the smaller wonders. right before our eyes. it is a path that leads us on. from the little wonders to the great ones. from the individual to the unique. from the being to the soul. from a moment to infinity. Discover the magic of life. and protect your world.





The future of our earth and its residents is threatened. We are experiencing a mass extinction on all levels and are losing the fundament of our existence at a breathtaking velocity, in the very true sense of these words. For the first time in the history of earth and mankind our behaviour is having global effects and influences on all life on our planet. Even though climate and ecosystems are still acting extensively beyond our perception, recent history has shown us that sociopolitical upheavals happen fast, directly and hit with tremendous impact. Even today nobody can escape the aftermath of our deeds, everyone is creating, responsible for, and suffering because of these changes. Driven by power, consumerism and existential fear, we are destroying not only our natural ressources but gambling away the cornerstones of modern civilzation such as freedom, democracy and human rights. In less than a few decades at the latest, ecological thresholds will be irreversibly exceeded and climatic and political incidents will be encountered full force. 10 billion people will no longer be able to peacefully cohabitate on this planet.

Still we have a small window before the consequences of our exponential developement are dramatically shown . However we must act now, otherwise we will lose everything. The key lies within ourselves. Man is both the problem and the solution. Maybe we are not the Homo sapiens we consider ourselves to be, but even less, we are Homo economicus which we are beeing turned into. Our nature is not consumerism and maximization but humanity. If we surmount our Alter Egos and reflect on our roots, on nature, on the value of life and on the magnificence of creation, we can leave the streets of destruction and preserve the future.

As complex these tasks may seem, the solutions are not: we must stop poisioning the earth and burning our future, so that 10 billion people can coexist naturally with the planet and its many inhabitants. Now this one crucial step is required: out of the fossilized world and forward onto the path of life.



1000 - 100 - 10 - 1

Humpback Whale
Mountain Gorilla
Great White Shark
Hammerhead Sharks
Turtle Hatchlings
Lonesome George
Galapagos Islands


ENDANGERED is a project for the protection of our earth and its inhabitants. More about ENDANGERED ...