Attack at twilight. Stalking in the shelter of the rocks. The hunt begins. Quattro-power. Super-grip. Biological stability program. From 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. The impala kid has no chance. The cheetah is a high-tech hunter. Razor-like claws, elastic spine and an extraordinary sense of balance achieve optimal traction, highest accelaration and maximum maneuverability. With top speeds of over 100 km/h Cheetahs are the fastest, but not the strongest hunters. They lose their prey more often than not to lions, leopards or hyenas. Anxious gazes into the distance. The frenzied eating. There is no time to lose. The competion has been alerted. The lament of the impala mother can be heared from far away.
It chills you to the bone. It is the drama in the Serengeti. The fight for life and death. each day. every day. for everyone.

Cheetah brothers, Serengeti 2013
© Dr. Jochen Bayer



Species (distribution.number). African Cheetah (Africa. 7.500). Asiatic Cheetah (Iran 100)
Size (shoulder height). 0,6 m - 40 kg / ♂ ca. 0,8 m - 60 kg
Reproduction. Sexual maturity after 3 years. Gestation period 90 days. 1-6 cubs.
Diet. Antilopes. Gazelles. Smaller animals like hares or birds
Behaviour. Diurnal. Females live solitarily with their cubs, males solitary or as brethren group
Threats. Loss of habitat. Conflicts with cattle breeders. Trophy hunting. Specialisation. Competition over limited food from lions, leopards and hyenas

ACT. now

Protection of livestock through mobile fences and barriers

Shepherd dogs for herds

Compensation payments for killed livestock


ACT. local

Establishment of regional protection zones

Separation of pastures and animal reserves

Responsible safari tourism


ACT. national

Population pressure reduction

Protection of prey animals

Improvement of the financial situation of the local population


Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla

White Shark
White Shark


Blue Whale
Blue Whale


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