98% ... Is he missing the aggressive gene? The gorilla is of gentle nature. A thoughtful guy. Maybe he is the better man. Brave and cautious. Strong but serene. Living without killing. A vegetarian. Familiy means everything. A peaceful soul ...100%

Mountain Gorilla, Uganda 2012
© Dr. Jochen Bayer



Number. 1000
Distribution. Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo (600). Bwindi National Park Uganda (approx. 400)
Size. 1,3 m. 70-100kg / ♂ 1,75m. 150-180 kg
Reproduction. Sexual maturity females after 6-8 years, males approx. 10 years. 1-2 infants. Gestation time aprox. 8.5 months
Diet. leaves, fruits
Threats. Poaching. Destruction of habitats through population pressure. Instable political situation in DR Congo

ACT .now

Buy FairTrade products from Rwanda, Uganda and the DR Congo, such as coffee or cocoa

Support a gorilla relief project

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Visit the gorillas
book a porter
support the local population

ACT .local

Creation of buffer zones to separate wildlife and local populations

Sustainable gorilla tourism

Financial security for the local population

Compensation for "gorilla damage"


ACT .national

Poverty reduction in the affected countries

Limiting population pressure

Protection of habitats and reforestation of lost habitats

Stabilisation of the political situation in the DR Congo




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