LION .man

Inspiration right from the begining. Constellation. Spirit animal. An Image of Power. The Lion. The symbol for predominance and strenght. A true king. He is above all the social ruler. A family man. Only in community can he survive. Loneliness means to die. How much lion is in you, man?

Lion, Africa 2010
© Dr. Jochen Bayer


LION .info

Species (distribution.number). African lion (Africa.20.000), Asian lion (Asia.200)
Size. 1,5m - 120kg / ♂ ca. 2m - 200 kg
Reproduction. Sexual maturity after 2 years. Gestation period approx. 4 month. 1-4 cubs
Diet. Antilopes, wildebeasts, buffalo. To some extent specializing in elephants, giraffes, hippopotamus
Behaviour. Lives and hunts in prides. Hunts mostly at night. Cautious stalking. Fast accelleration up to 60 km/h. Endurance rather humble. Hunting success 15-30%. Lead by one or several fraternized males. Young males are expelled after 2-3 years, females stay in the pride.
Threats. Loss of habitat. Trophy hunting. Conflicts with the local population. Ritual killings. Decline in prey. Substitute for tiger-based TCM remedies

ACT .now

Protection of livestock through mobile fences and barriers

Alternatives for ritual killings

Substitutes for tiger- and lion-based TCM remedies
e.g. Beef tibia, Porcus Os or Clematidis radix (Altherr, S. Chin Med 2010 Nr.4)

ACT .firm

No beef


ACT .local

Separation of wildlife and human settlements

Responsible safari tourism

Compensation payments for killed livestock

Alternatives for cattle breeding


ACT .national

Reduce population pressure

Improve the financial situation of the local population

Establish transnational protected areas

No trade in lion products





Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale


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