SEA TURTLES .born to run

A beach. Somewhere. 60 days underground. It is time. Out. Dig. Up. Light. Orientation. Search for the horizon. Go. Run, baby, run. Struggling for survival from the very first second. Air raid. Keep going. Land attack. Faster. The life-saving water. Immersion. Breathing. Diving. On and on. Halfway around the world. Danger is everywhere. Shark. Man. Net. Plastic. One in 1000 makes it back. Sometimes.

Green Turtle, Australia 1994
© Dr. Jochen Bayer



Species. Leatherback Turtle. Hawksbill Turtle. Loggerhead Turtle. Green Sea Turtle (soup). Olive Bastards Turtle. Atlantic Bastards Turtle. Wallraff Turtle
Distribution. Tropic and subtropic oceans worldwide
Size. Leatherback Turtle up to 2.5m/700kg
Reproduction. Turtles mate in the open sea. Females migrate to their birth beach to lay several dozen eggs in the sand and burry them. After 60 days the hatchlings emerge. Temperature-dependant. Females develop over 30°C, males at lower temperature
Diet. Jellyfish. Sea urchins. Crabs
Threats. Plastic waste. Targeted catch. Bycatch of deep sea fishing. Disturbance of nests at the beaches. Nest robbers. Climate Change. Tiger sharks

ACT. now

Avoid plastic waste

No turtle soup, no turtle meat

Avoid traders and restaurants with turtle products

ACT .firm

No sea-fish

ACT. local

Protect nesting beaches

Establishment of marine protected areas

TED nets with turtle escape facility

ACT. national

Ban of plastic waste

No long lines, drift nets and bottom-set gill nets

Establishment of marine protected areas

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change


Hammerhead Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks

Apollo Butterfly
Apollo Butterfly

Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles


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