A 100:1 situation, encountered in 3-dimensional space. Hold your breath. Awareness of all senses. From both sides. You can feel them. Time stands still. The hammerhead. a unique character. A distinctive silhouette. Eyes on the periphery. 360° panoramic view. An array of electric sensors. A biological masterpiece.
200 million hooks. 100 million victims. The relentless hunt of sharks. Fins off. Back into the ocean. Die hard. Helpless. Useless. Alone.

Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos 2006
© Dr. Jochen Bayer



Species. The Scalloped hammerhead (4m) is schooling up to several hundered animals. Smooth hammerhead (4m). Great hammerhead (6m). Blade’s Nose hammerhead (1.5m). Smalleye hammerhead (1.5m). Corona hammerhead (1m). Wing head hammerhead (2m)
Number. Scalloped hammerhead: presumably 70% of the population wiped out
Distribution. Tropic and subtropic oceans worldwide. Scalloped hammerheads in Galapagos, Cocos Islands, Baja California, Red Sea, South Africa, Indopacific
Reproduction. Sexual maturity after approx. 10 years. Viviparous. 5-10 fully developped juveniles
Food. Fish. Rays. Squids. Other sharks
Threats. Long-line fishing. Gillnet fishing. Consumers of shark fin soup and shark meat. Overfishing. Poisoning of oceans and prey. by catch

ACT .now

No shark fin soup

No shark meat
(dogfish, catfish, flake (in fish & chips), surimi, lemon fish, sea ham, rock salmon, cape steak)

Avoid dealers and restaurants with shark products

ACT .firm

No sea-fish

No products from shark catching and shark consuming nations

ACT .local

"No shark products" - positive marketing in restaurants and fish dealers

Establishment of marine protected areas

Avoidance of shark accidents

Responsible shark tourism

ACT .national

Education of the population in shark fin and shark meat consuming countries

Ban of long lines, drift nets and bottom-set gill nets

Protection of endangered shark species

Protection of prey animals

Establishment of transnational marine protection zones

Ban on deep sea fishing


Hammerhead Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks

Apollo Butterfly
Apollo Butterfly

Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles


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