ENDANGERED began 25 years ago with the goal of photographing endangered species in their natural environment. It was and is the search for the one image that says it all.


At the heart of ENANGERED are intense photographs, taken face to face at close range and in the wild. They were created in rare moments of encounters between humans and animals on around 10 photo expeditions over the past 30 years. All shots were taken in 1:1 situations with wild, untamed animals without any cloaking device, pole cam, remote shutter release or drones. The great white shark images were taken from inside a shark cage. Film and digital cameras with focal lengths between 16mm and 200mm were used.

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Lion, Africa 2010
DSLR, 2,8/70-200mm
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Rhino, Africa 2010
DSLR, 2,8/70-200mm
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Humpback Whale, Southern Pacific 2019
DSLR, 4/16-35mm, UW Housing
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Mountain Gorilla, Africa 2012
DSLR, 2,8/70-200mm
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Weisser Hai
Great White Shark, Australia 1995
SLR, 2,8/20mm, UW Housing, color slide film
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Cheetahs, Africa 2013
DSLR, 2,8/70-200mm
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos 2006
SLR, 2,8/20mm, UW Housing, color slide film
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Apollo, Germany 2014
DSLR, 2,8/105mm
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Green Turtle, Australia 1994
SLR, 2,8/60mm, color slide film
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos giant tortoise, Galapagos 2006
SLR, 2,8/80-200mm, color slide film
© Dr. Jochen Bayer
Humans, Africa 2012
DSLR, 1,4/50mm
© Dr. Jochen Bayer

The Earth
Image by NASA

ENDANGERED .photographer

Dr. Jochen Bayer
born: 1967
photographs since: 1973
1989-1994: Studies in economics
1995-2000: Doctoral thesis - A global tradable permit system for the control of greenhouse gases
2019: Launch ENDANGERED.info



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ENDANGERED is a project for the protection of our earth and its inhabitants. More about ENDANGERED ...