APOLLO .change

Pure joie de vivre. Cheerfully sailing over the sunny hillside. Life is beautiful. It is the Swabian Alb. Apollo mission in your own back yard.
He is a true master of transformation. Hibernating as a larva in a protective cocoon. Born in spring time as a caterpillar. Feeding much. Growing fast. Pupation. Reincarnation. A miraculous being emerges. The apollo butterly. Floating from blossom to blossom. Food in abundance. A romantic pas-de-deux in the summer thermal. A marvel on the colorful meadow.
With a single flap of your wings you can change the world.

Apollo Butterfly, Germany 2014
© Dr. Jochen Bayer


APOLLO .info

Species. Red Apollo. Wingspan approx. 9 cm
Numbers. Almost all habitats have disappeared
Distribution. Sunny, dry locations. Site-faithful. Throughout Germany: Swabian Alb, Franconian Jura, Moselle Valley, and in the Alps
Reproduction. Females lay up to 100 eggs close to fodder plants of the caterpillars. Caterpillars hibernate in an egg shell and hatch in spring. Flight and mating season in the warmer months
Food spectrum. Flowering plants. White and big stoecrop (caterpillars)
Threats. Loss of habitats. Pesticides. Car traffic. Climate change. Butterfly collectors

ACT .now

No treated foods

No pesticides in gardens und cultivation areas

Slow driving during flight times of the butterflies


ACT .local

Organic agriculture

Protection and maintenance of existing habitats

Creation of new habitats and establishment of connecting corridors


ACT .national

Ban (synthetic) pesticides

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change




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