Wild. Fearless. Free. Pure existence. Galapagos. The enchanted islands. Unchained natural forces. Eruption on all levels. New land. New life. New world. Evolution instead of creation. Selection instead of one divine act. Modern apes instead of God’s children. Is our world a product of coincidence? Did life lose its magic at the place of enchantement? How probable are you, man?

Galapagos giant tortoise, Galapagos 2006
© Dr. Jochen Bayer



Number. 1
Position. South America, 1000 km west of the Ecuadorian coastline. About 25.00 inhabitants
Name. After the giant turtoises who live there. Also named the Enchanted Islands
Characteristics. Vulcanic islands. Numerous endemic animal and plant species
Threats. Introduction of non-native species. Fishery, paricularly sea cucumbers and shark fins. Tourism. Population pressure. El Niño phenomenons.

ACT .now

No introduction of foreign species

No shark fin soup
No sea cucumbers (Trapang soup, Konowata)

Strict observance of the rules of conduct when visiting the islands

ACT. local

Reduce population pressure

Create protected corridors for sharks and other marine animals

Sustainable tourism structures

Combating illegal fishing


ACT. national

Establish a protected marine park Galapagos - Cocos - Malpelo

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate El Niño events

Global Marine Police


Lonesome George
Lonesome George

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands




ENDANGERED began 25 years ago with the goal of photographing endangered species in their natural environment. It was and is the search for the one image that says it all.
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